Updated 2014-12-16

Pentad Systems have ceased operations.

From Chazzz Fishburn, former Pentad senior developer:

If you have tried calling the Pentad office, or have tried e-mailing one of the staff, we have not been in the office to handle customer communication since the afternoon of Wednesday, 2014 October 8.

I have formed Fishburn Development, LLC in an effort to continue supporting Pentad's former clients and continue custom software development as well as web design and hosting. I have tried contacting as many clients as I can, some personally, some via e-mail. If I, Seth or Casey have not contacted you yet, you have accidentally slipped through the proverbial cracks. This is completely unintentional. Please contact me at chazzz@fishdev.com and I will do my best to take care of you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Short Version of Randy's Passing and Pentad's Closing

Our founder, president and friend, Randy Nichols, passed away very unexpectedly during a routine medical procedure on Thursday, 2014 September 25. He fought a lung disease called “sarcoidosis” for several years, and we thought that he was getting better slowly but surely. We were mistaken. We don't really know if his passing was a result of the disease itself, the long-term effects of the combined medications he had taken, or a combination of the two. We were optimistic while he was in the hospital during the days before his procedure. To say that we were saddened by his loss is an understatement. I was the first official Pentad employee, and Randy was my boss for almost 11 years. But he was my friend for over 22.

Our original intention was to keep the business running, with Randy's oldest son, Zach, taking the lead sales and customer liaison role. Our software development staff had over 23 years of experience between the three of us. We knew that we had an issue with the IRS regarding past payroll taxes, and we knew the company had some existing debt. However, while we thought that we – given sufficient time to recover from Randy's loss – could recover from all of that, the IRS decided otherwise. Two weeks after Randy's passing, they closed the company. At that moment, we essentially were instructed to turn in our office keys and exit the building.

Please keep his family in your prayers, especially during this holiday season.

On behalf of former Pentad Systems' staff, thank you and very best regards,

Chazzz Fishburn
Fishburn Development, LLC